As public spaces begin to reopen across the US, both excitement and heedfulness arise. The successful reopening depends on all of us committing to maintaining sterilized facilities.

Zolman Restoration Business Development Ambassador Matt Dinverno focuses on the needs of clients across southeast Michigan. Matt also promotes proactive preparation services, which ensure properties have an established emergency plan in place. Now, perhaps more than ever, a thorough plan is vital to keeping spaces sanitized and ensuring tenants and team members feel safe.

“As offices continue to experience an influx of employees returning to work and community spaces begin to open up at multifamily properties, it’s essential that owners and property managers use CDC-approved techniques to keep harmful viruses and bacteria at bay,” Matt advises. “Many are implementing basic safety measures to encourage employee and tenant wellbeing — such as face masks, frequent hand sanitizing stations, and social distancing efforts — but there are several critical precautions that are often overlooked.”

The following list outlines a few of Zolman Restoration’s recommendations for maintaining sterilized facilities:

1. As a standard practice, the Z-Team uses CDC-approved disinfecting and cleaning techniques such as UV hydroxyl machine, ULV electric fogging, direct spray, hand wiping, and micro-misting. Visit the CDC website for a full list of approved products and techniques.

2. Common spaces are often forgotten in the everyday disinfecting process. Perform routine surface cleaning of all reachable areas, including walls, contents, and other surfaces, in common areas such as elevators, kitchens, lobbies, lounges, and meeting rooms.

3. Limit occupancies in elevators and meeting spaces, and post signage to remind building occupants to social distance.

4. Reduce high-touch points by keeping stairwell, private office, and meeting room doors open throughout hours of operation.

5. Call a professional team to perform thorough cleaning and sterilization services on a regular basis.

Zolman Restoration’s cleaning and sterilization services help mitigate harmful bacteria and viruses through the use of CDC- and EPA-approved disinfectant products and techniques. The Z-Team’s cleaning technicians are IICRC-certified and abide by the new COVID-19 OSHA standards for coronavirus cleaning.

Offering three COVID-19 cleaning levels, the Z-Team is ready to help you maintain sterilized facilities.

Contact Matt Dinverno at (800) 799.8569 to schedule professional cleaning and sterilization services for your facilities.

[Disclaimer] Zolman Restoration encourages building owners and property managers to continue to follow the necessary safety protocols as outlined by legislation in the jurisdiction in which the property is located.  The above sterilization protocol is supported by resources deemed credible by Zolman Restoration. The foregoing notwithstanding, Zolman Restoration makes no guarantee that following these protocols will prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other illnesses within a facility. As each facility is unique, additional research of the CDC guidelines should be undertaken prior to performing cleaning efforts within your own facility.