Commercial Cleaning & Sterilization Services

Let’s Tackle Coronavirus Together

Zolman Restoration’s cleaning and sterilization services are proven to mitigate harmful bacteria and viruses through the use of CDC- and EPA-approved disinfectant products and techniques.

The Z-Team’s cleaning technicians are IICRC-certified and abide by the new COVID-19 OSHA standards for coronavirus cleaning. Our services and methods are proven to help reduce the spread of illness-causing viral and bacterial agents. Offering three COVID-19 cleaning levels, the Z-Team is ready to help you maintain sterilized facilities.


General Cleaning

  • • All technicians will wear light PPE masks, glasses, and gloves
  • • Receive preventative maintenance for common and high-touchpoint areas only (Entry areas, bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, etc.)
  • • Your guests, occupants, residents, tenants, and employees will gain confidence knowing our team is there to keep your building(s) clean and sterilized

Pre-occupancy Sterilization — No confirmed cases onsite

  • • Comprehensive cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and equipment
  • • Technicians will wear proper PPE, N-95 masks, gloves, and safety glasses
  • • Applied techniques with COVID-19 CDC/EPA-registered solutions through direct application, hand wiping, ULV electronic fogging, and micro-misting
  • • Optional use of UV Hydroxyl machine

Deep Sterilization — Confirmed Or Suspected COVID-19 Case(s) Onsite Or As Requested

  • • Surface cleaning of all 7’ reachable areas, including walls, contents, and other surfaces
  • • Technicians will wear full PPE gear and protection
  • • Applied techniques with COVID-19 CDC/EPA-registered solution through direct spray, hand wiping, ULV electronic fogging, and micro-misting
  • • Use of UV Hydroxyl machine
  • • Optional HVAC duct cleaning upon request

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