A sump pump is much like a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, or your home’s security system; there is rarely a time when you need to use it, but it can be an essential tool if a dire situation occurs. Sump pumps help mitigate and prevent such problems by quickly draining floodwater from the basement of a home or business through an external discharge pipe. And like most emergency equipment, it is essential to make sure that your sump pump is well maintained and free of mechanical problems.

What are the reasons that a sump pump may fail?

There are many reasons that a sump pump could fail or become overtaxed. Still, eight situations are the most common – Power Failure, A Stuck Switch/Float, Overwhelmed Pump/Rising Flood Waters, Frozen or Clogged Discharge Pipe, Lack of Maintenance, Old Age, Improper Installation, and Product Defects.

Who replaces the Sump Pump, and am I responsible?

A water backup and sump pump failure/overflow endorsement will typically cover the property damage – not the repair of the actual appliance/sump pump that malfunctioned. Zolman Restoration is always happy to provide a recommendation for a plumber to complete this repair before Mitigation Services. We strongly recommend you inquire about your coverage limits with your insurance agent regarding sump pump failure.

What types of damage can I expect from a failed sump pump?

Repairs for this type of claim are scheduled after the sump pump has been replaced or repaired and the confirmed dry-out of all affected materials by Zolman’s Mitigation Team. When a sump pump fails to keep up with the high-water demand, the sump overfills with water and leads to flooding. As most sump pumps are located in the basement, basement floors and the personal property that sits on the floor are likely to be affected. Drywall, base molding, cabinets, and doors are also likely to suffer water damage.

What does insurance typically cover?

Water backup coverage, also called sewer or sump pump backup coverage, is one of the more popular and useful homeowners insurance endorsements you can add to your policy. It covers your home and personal property in the event of water damage from a sump pump, drain, sewer overflow, or backup. This endorsement’s coverage amounts and availability vary from company to company and state to state, but companies generally offer anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 in water backup protection. We strongly recommend you inquire about your coverage limits with your insurance agent regarding sump pump failure.