The dangers of frozen water pipes or suppression pipes should cause major concern at your commercial property. When a pipe bursts, significant havoc can occur for your business, clients, team members, and most importantly, you!

While your commercial property insurance may cover emergency drying services, property securing, property reconstruction, and business interruption, it likely does not cover client and team member cost erosion. Clients and team members are the foundation of your business; therefore, you must take every step to protect your property from unforeseen damage, so you don’t lose productivity or sales!

The more preparation that occurs on the front end, the faster you can get back to business. For instance, if a client goes to your competitor while you’re repairing your property, you could lose valuable sales and the opportunity to provide your client with exceptional customer service. Similarly, if a team member pursues a new opportunity because they are missing out on wages, you could lose some of your best talent.

Unfortunately, most businesses interview their emergency service and reconstruction contractors after a catastrophic event occurs when there are additional pressures of time and cost. This research and evaluation phase of the restoration process often extends the timeline of repairs and can result in choosing a firm you don’t know or, more importantly, trust.

Zolman Restoration’s P.R.E.P. Program is a unique and effective way for your business to stay in front of emergencies and unexpected catastrophic situations through a complete assessment of critical systems, facilities, and vital records. This service includes a pre-loss price list of restoration costs and allows you and your property team to build a relationship with Zolman Restoration’s first responders.

Here are just a few of the advantages of signing up for the P.R.E.P. program:

1. Priority response in emergency or catastrophic situations

2. Zolman Restoration call center available 24/7/365

3. Dedicated account manager

4. Rapid response to the loss site

5. Secure the premises

6. Mitigate damages

7. Comprehensive repairs scope

8. Review of business insurance plan (business interruption)

9. Pre-loss understanding of a building’s infrastructure and mechanicals, including locating key structural components like stairwells, elevators, shut-off valves, and electrical panels

10. Site evaluation to identify potential future issues to reduce the risk of a loss

11. Peace of mind

Trust is a critical component of the disaster recovery process. To minimize the negative impact of a disaster, like loss of sales and client or team member erosion, you need to proactively select a restoration partner you can trust BEFORE a disaster occurs!

If you’re interested in meeting with a Zolman Restoration representative to learn more about the P.R.E.P. Program, contact Zolman Restoration Principal Shaun Quinn at or (248) 255-4130.