Case Studies

The Zolman Difference

In the fall of 2022, Zolman Restoration mobilized to a residential home after a homeowner’s sump pump failed. The failed sump pump led to the flooding of the homeowner’s basement and the client’s racquetball court, which was a level lower than the basement.

When the Z-Team arrived on-site, they identified additional damage to the drywall, structural steel, insulation, and electricity. After assessing the damage, the Z-Team quickly began the mitigation process to remove all water from the flooded court and place drying equipment around the affected area.

Project Details and Challenges

The project became a collaborative endeavor for the Z-Team, with everyone pitching in to ensure success. Once the mitigation team could completely dry the space and perform demolition on the flooring, drywall, and insulation, the Z-Team’s reconstruction department commenced a meticulous planning process to restore the racquetball court to its original state. As the Z-Team went through the rebuild planning process, they quickly discovered the need to solve the ambitious project’s unique challenges, such as sourcing the correct racquetball court flooring, overcoming logistical hurdles, and maneuvering within a challenging space.

Sourcing Material

The first glaring challenge for the Z-Team was locating a company that could provide the necessary flooring materials. The team dug deep and identified a racquetball company, The Court Company, specializing in racquetball court flooring and installations. As The Court Company was located outside of Michigan and unable to get to the job site, the Z-Team was tasked with providing precise dimensions and measurements of the racquetball space. With careful attention to detail during measurements and strong communication with The Court Company, the Z-Team could order the correct flooring panels needed for the rebuild.

Logistics Planning

With all materials sourced for the rebuild, the team needed to develop a logistics plan to receive the panels from The Court Company and deliver the panels to the job site. As the job site was at a residential property, spacing quickly became an issue for the delivery of over 100-floor panels that each weighed 180 lbs. The Z-Team realized this problem and contacted their partners, The Connelly Crane Corp, to find a solution.

After meeting Connelly Crane Corp on the job site and discussing different solutions to the problem, the project team determined the best course of action was to utilize a crane to successfully move the massive floor panels to the backyard where the team could access the racquetball court.

The floor panels were not the only material that required a unique delivery method. The project team needed to replace over 30 metal studs for the new drywall because the drywall and insulation were also damaged by the failed sump pump.

Since the project was located on a narrow residential street and each metal stud was over 20 feet long, the delivery truck of metal studs could not fit down the street for delivery. The project team quickly found a solution and jumped into action. The team offloaded the metal studs on the side of a main road, loaded the metal studs onto a dolly, and then walked the metal studs from the main road to the job site.

Handling of Materials

Once all material was successfully delivered to the job site, the team had to carefully plan and organize the transfer of the floor panels and other materials from the backyard, through the basement, and into the racquetball court.

With 20 trade partners on-site, the Z-Team created an assembly line to carefully move the floor panels from the backyard to the basement and funnel them through a large window that separated the basement from the racquetball court. As spacing was extremely tight, the Z-Team had to remove a window that overlooked the racquetball court from the basement to get all the panels into the court.

Once the flooring panels were in the court space, the project team referred to a diagram provided by The Court Company to place all 100 panels in the correct area. Placing the panels in the right spot was essential as The Court Company used the Z-Team’s measurements and dimensions to create the perfect layout.

The precise staging of the panels also allowed The Court Company to come to the job site to complete the installation promptly. Once the panels were installed, the team installed the new metal studs, insulation, electrical, and drywall needed to rebuild the racquetball court.


The project team exuded one of our core values, do whatever it takes, to bring the racquetball court back to life. The Z-Team’s strong communication with trade partners and the client, attention to detail, and creativity led to the success of the rebuild.  The client was thrilled with the turnout of their new and improved racquetball court.