Case Studies

The Zolman Difference

Commercial Reconstruction 

National Disaster CAT Response Project – Southwest Florida

In the summer of 2022, a devastating hurricane struck the southwest Florida – Hurricane Ian. In response, Zolman Restoration swiftly deployed our skilled CAT Team to assist with the early stages of restoration efforts in the region devastated by the storm.

While assessing damaged properties, we received a request for assistance from a national restoration partner, due to our extensive commercial reconstruction division. Specifically, our partner was seeking our help on the reconstruction work for a 12-building multifamily property in Port Charlotte, Florida. Leveraging our extensive network of national trade partners, we were well-equipped to restore the property to its original condition.

As this project was an insurance claim, we had to establish clear communication channels, define documentation procedures for labor, materials, and equipment, and determine the cost structure for the client and insurance company before any work commenced. In partnership with our sister company, Sachse Construction, Zolman Restoration assisted in the 100,000-square-foot interior reconstruction project in early December 2022 once all agreements were finalized.

Project Details

The scope of work encompassed various tasks such as replacing drywall, doors, and bases, installing new flooring, trim, appliances, and woodworking components. To complete the project, Zolman Restoration efficiently coordinated with trade partners across the United States, including MEPs, carpenters, and painters. Given the shortage of materials and equipment resulting from the hurricane’s impact, the client and insurance company understood the necessity to outsource the resources needed. This allowed our team to diligently procure necessary supplies from our national trade partners and vendors from our portfolio to ensure the successful completion of reconstruction work in the affected units. Throughout the process, Zolman Restoration effectively managed a team of approximately 30 skilled tradespeople from our national partners daily.


The Z-Team initially set a tentative completion date of June 1st, 2023, for the reconstruction project. However, we achieved remarkable progress through strong communication among all parties involved, meticulous documentation practices, and leveraging our national partner network. As a result, the Z-Team successfully finished the reconstruction project by the end of April, addressed all punch list items in May, and handed over the completed work to the client well before the expected deadline of June 1st. The reconstruction project was a success with the owner’s representative commenting, “It was a pleasure working with the entire team. The project ran smoothly from start to finish, and I look forward to our next project together.”