Case Studies

The Zolman Difference

Background & Initial Inspection

Zolman Restoration was called to action at a medical facility to perform an inspection after mold growth was discovered behind the drywall of a surgical room undergoing renovation. Upon arrival, the Z-Team’s first task was to locate the source of the problem, determine the cause of the mold growth, and understand why the loss was occurring. During the inspection, it was discovered that the leakage from the surgical room’s windows was causing condensation to form behind the drywall, leading to mold growth.

The Remediation

When dealing with mold-related projects, it is crucial to follow specific protocols. The first protocol the Z-Team had to adhere to was calling a hygienist to conduct an air quality test. The test involved comparing mold spores inside the affected area, a non-affected area, and the outdoors. Once the air quality results were obtained, the hygienist provided the Z-Team with a protocol to properly complete the remediation and demolition process.

Project Details

After obtaining all necessary approvals and the required protocol from the hygienists, the Z-Team commenced the remediation process. The project team took great care to prevent cross-contamination during the remediation and demolition by implementing proper containment measures, utilizing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and continuously purifying the air using air scrubbers, specialized machines designed to capture mold spores. As the team removed the affected drywall, they diligently HEPA vacuumed and wet wiped the area to ensure thorough mold removal. Once all remediation and demolition work were completed, the Z-Team carried out the necessary putback work, replacing approximately 400 square feet of drywall.


With a strong emphasis on following proper protocols, the Z-Team successfully and safely restored the surgical room.

“The most crucial aspect of mold remediation is educating the client about the process,” said Shaun Quinn, VP of Claims and Business Development at Zolman Restoration. “It is a meticulous process that requires careful execution.”

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