Case Studies

The Zolman Difference

Commercial FIRE

Industrial Fire Restoration Project
A client called Zolman Restoration to respond to fire damage at its industrial facility a few days before a holiday weekend. The fire was moderate in size, but soot and smoke filled the building and laid a film over every square inch of the plant. The restoration costs would be roughly $2.8 million.

Despite the upcoming holiday, the client said their goal was to minimize any delay in production, and they wanted our team to prioritize cleaning.

Equipment Mobilized

The team used the following resources to restore the client’s property to pre-loss condition:

  1. 300-person cleaning team
  2. 28 lifts
  3. 15 components partners
  4. 10 client contacts
  5. 10 strategic partners
  6. Two security officers
  7. Two safety directors
  8. Management team
  9. Ice
  10. Beverages/food
  11. Restrooms
  12. Dumpsters
  13. Supplies
  14. Tents for breaks and to store parts
  15. Fans
  16. Air scrubbers
  17. Floor scrubbers

Project Details

At the beginning of the industrial fire restoration project, Zolman Restoration shipped an automation line to the client’s facility in southeast Michigan to ensure the client would meet their installation schedule. The team mobilized within 1-2 days of the first notice, and the crew cleaned all items onsite.

During the project, temperatures soared to 100 degrees on the ground and up to 120 degrees in the rafters. The Z-Team mobilized and contacted strategic partners to have 150 individuals clean the building 24/7 in two shifts.

The cleaning efforts included wiping down the ceiling, walls, cranes, large presses, and the stock area that had millions of small parts and components. Additionally, the team checked and verified exhaust fans, roof, insulation, fiber lines, and all electronics to ensure heat did not affect their operation.

While cleaning, the team adhered to OSHA safety procedures, including lift operations, lock-out/tag-out, shutting down power, and power cord safety checks. Most importantly, team members ensured that everyone remained hydrated and safe in the hot summer weather.


The client was incredibly happy with the quick turnaround of their facility. Our project team’s diligent work restoring the facility helped get their business fully operational just two weeks after the devastating fire. The keys to success were the strong partnership between all parties, thorough daily communication, proactive problem-solving, and the client’s willingness to participate in the project.

After the first phase of the project, the team worked on nights and on the weekends to paint the ceilings, walls, shipping and receiving doors, and cranes to not impact production during the workday.