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Commercial Flood

Commercial Emergency Water Mitigation Project
The main water pipe into a vacant commercial building broke under a slab of concrete in the mechanical room in Southfield, Michigan. The pipe break was approximately six feet under the slab and 55 feet inside the perimeter of the building.

Situation Overview

Since the commercial office building was vacant, the pipe break went unnoticed for 24 hours. Within that timeframe, water and sand pushed their way up through the slab and flooded the entire first floor of the 50,000-square-foot building.

Project Details

The Zolman Restoration team provided emergency water mitigation services to stop the flow of water. Our expert water mitigation technicians extracted the standing water and removed the carpet throughout the first floor.

Additionally, many of the interior drywall walls, including the ones in the bathroom, were flood cut as they contained multiple layers of drywall. The on-site team identified the best way to prevent microbial growth on the drywall behind the tile was to remove four feet of the ceramic tile from the floor (the flood cut). Following the tile removal, the team utilized commercial drying equipment called desiccants to return the remaining affected materials to an acceptable moisture content level. When dealing with expansive square footage at a commercial property, standard drying methods and equipment are typically not sufficient enough to dry materials in a timely matter to reduce secondary damage.

Once the water on the first floor was extracted, the Z-Team removed the concrete slab above the pipe break and excavated the dirt to expose the broken pipe. Due to the high-water table, Zolman Restoration engaged a dewatering company to pump out the accumulating water. The dewatering process allowed Zolman Restoration to repair the broken pipe and restore water service to the building.

Once the supply line was fixed, the Z-Team backfilled and compacted the hole and voids under the slab where the sand had washed away. After this process was completed, the concrete slab was poured to return the floor and supply to its pre-loss condition.


Due to the pandemic, the client couldn’t visit the property and meet with the on-site team. As a result, the client was thrilled with the Z-Team’s timely response, consistent communication, ability to assemble manpower and equipment on short notice, and assistance navigating the relationship with the insurance carrier. Additionally, the client appreciated how Zolman Restoration treated their property as if it were their own while restoring the water supply and returning the building to a safe moisture level.