How do you stay prepared through an ice storm? The Z-Team has gathered the top 8 ice storm safety tips to help keep you, your family, and your property or business safe!

1. Unplug sensitive appliances such as microwaves or TV’s. During an ice storm you could experience brownouts or blackouts and unplugging your appliances will keep them safe.

2. Set your refrigerator to the coolest setting possible and do not open the door if the power were to go out. By setting the temperature lower, your food items will be able to last up to 48 hours.  If you are unsure about a food item, throw it out.

3. Make sure to have extra batteries and flashlights on hand. It is normally recommended to keep candles and matches on hand, however the Z Team would warn against this, as it is an additional fire hazard for your home.

4. Pre-salt your driveway and sidewalk to prepare for ice. This way you will not have to salt after the storm and risk slipping on a slick surface.

5. If you have trees near your home, make sure loose branches are cut back to prevent additional damage to your property.

6. If you have a generator and the power were to go out, make sure you are still powering your sump pump to prevent flooding. There is also the option to use a battery backup sump pump.

7. If you use emergency-heating sources, always make sure to ventilate properly. Never use a natural fireplace unattended!

8. If there are several days without power, drain your water pipes to prevent freezing and bursting.

If you are currently experiencing an emergency property damage situation, call Zolman Restoration immediately at (800) 799-8560 and the Z-Team will come to your property to assess your property damage.