Continuing Education

To better serve our clients and the agencies that represent them, Zolman offers continuing education courses designed to increase expertise and offer additional, helpful industry tools and perspectives.


Taught by a certified Ethics trainer in the restoration and insurance industry, the ethics class is designed for agents, property management staff, and restoration contractors to improve and reiterate ethical business practices. Topics covered include:

  • Truth telling
  • Presentation of information
  • No hidden agenda concept
  • Understanding the grey areas of ethics
  • Identifying, reacting to, and mitigating unethical situations
  • Ethical business decision making


In this course, participants will learn how to properly manage a hoarding situation and assess the liability concerns. Topics covered include:

  • Identification of hoarding hazards for residential neighborhoods including environmental risks, quality of life risks, contamination, pollution, and bio hazards
  • Steps for early identification
  • Insurance impacts
  • Best business practices
  • Community awareness